Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Waiting for the Ascent : Dharavi

Waiting for the ascent: a woman ponders outside her house

Mumbai is undergoing a sea change and no where else can this change can be felt more than in the big slums like Dharavi where the shanties are being razed by the day to make way for swank buildings & skyscrapers in various projects being undertaken by the SRA (Slum Rehabilitation Authority).

Millions of residents of the slums are awaiting with bated breaths and hopeful eyes to make the Ascent from the urban poor to the Great Indian Middle class.

hopeful eyes : one of the families in Dharavi in their prayer room cum bedroom cum living room

Dharavi due to its proximity to the swank Bandra Kurla complex and also the airport is inviting the attention of the super big corporates of the likes of the Ambanis and the Godrejs who are competing to corner the largest pie of the slum redevelopment schemes.

Electric dreams

The Rich or the Poor ,Who makes the biggest ascent in this game remains to be seen........... but many have already made the obvious assumption.

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